25 August 2022

The Silent – Test Image


Once upon a time I used to do architectural visualisation, or achi-viz these days, as a living. In fact, at the time I was one of the very few in Sydney offering full 3D services to architectural practices and had a solid client base. My particular specialisation that most offices found very useful, was in the area of technical images, especially photomontages, that were used for planning assessment and approval. Good times.

The Silent project returns me to those days and in fact the idea of using 3D montage was the birth point of what The Silent has evolved into.

This image I put together as a test, as it’s been a long while since I did any sort of montage work, so the skillset is rusty to say the least. Using a model I had made for MAG-100 and a photo I took some time back, I wanted to see how the presentation aspect ratio works out as well as what I could do with KeyShot.

Overall I have to say I am quite happy with the result!



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