04 August 2022




Two or so years old… I kinda nailed it then.

I was cleaning up an account recently and re-found this turntable I did a a while back. I am not sure why it made me stop and look at it deeper, I have the file somewhere on my drive, but it did; probably because I’d spent the past few months working on form language.

Looking at it again now, with almost with fresh eyes, I can say that I more or less nailed a form factor I’ve been searching for. I say ‘a’ as there are several languages I am working with, depending on the use, but look at any of my sketches and you’ll see this sort of form over and over.

What struck me the most though is the design intent expressed, it’s probably the closest thing I’ve done to bridging the gap between sketch and design I’ve done to date for the MAG-100 universe; and that’s important because as my tagline says ‘Analog signals & industrial design..’. So rediscovering this is like someone saying, yea, those seemingly silly sketches you do are totally capable of becoming more tangible designs.

It’s all rather reassuring.


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