10 July 2022

MAG100: Design coalescence

Calum Velum

Where it came together


One can doodle and sketch away for what seems like forever, trying to resolve ideas and design concepts – I know…. I have been doing just that. So it was with some surprise that on this page, which started out as random doodles, ideas I have been working on some for a few years now (!) suddenly came together in a very unexpected fashion.

While in my head I had a structure and timeline for where the various ideas sat within the MAG-100 narrative, from a design standpoint I was having difficulty connecting the dots – all the bits I liked were there but they just didn’t want to fit together, kinda like the proverbial square peg in the round hole; and in terms of the designs and design language I have been developing, there were a LOT of square pegs and holes to try and match up!

While it may not look like much, this page of doodles completely, and unexpectedly, ended up tying everything together, and from here I can finally now see how all the parts fit.

I could not be more chuffed!


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