25 July 2022

MAG100: Bunker : Experiments


“The workshop was a squat building situated in one of the newer industrial parks south of the city. Unlike the others around it, it was featureless, no signage, windows… anything.

I have been playing around with architectural forms for MAG-100, both for human architecture as well as that for, well, the not humans. As the development is also being used for pieces I am working up for ‘The Silent’, I am spending more time trying to fully resolve the language so it visualises in the way I want it to. What is set in concrete (boom tish!) is settling on the language of brutalism for both, with the human’s using a very function over form approach, while the alien interpretation is focused heavily on scale and mystery; while I have always liked Brutalist architecture, I find as a design language it’s working well for both, as it has the ability of being identifiable but also very alien and intimidating.

It’s one thing to site down and sketch out considered designs but it’s something else entirely to let the machine have a go.

This image came out of about an hour of trying different prompts in Midjourney and then refining them down; even then, the end results were very patchy – some bits were good in some images, others were a total shit show. This final image, as with most that I do using the AI, is an amalgam of a number of different final outputs, that were then assembled and edited. The end result is surprisingly good, in my eyes anyway, and I feel captures the spirit of what I am chasing.

Whether or not this makes it into the book is another question.


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