04 August 2022

MAG-100 : The End Goal

Iagt Mag100 Book Pg1


Initial page layouts. I have the entire book now setup to start page design and layout.

The end goal.

Back whenever, when I had the idea of MAG-100 as a project, I never thought it would end up here, at this place – a book at over 130 pages and counting. I’ve not even started dropping in the images and sketch work that I am working on for it, so at this rate it’s going to easily click over to 150 pages… and I am thinking it might even hit the 200 page mark once all done.

That astounds me.

Iagt Book On A Shelf

I’ve culled the collection right back but there’s still 2 book cases worth of pure gold

For what started as an idea for an online story arc with some cool interactive bells and whistles, to end up as an old skool book, with words and pictures spread across pages, is more than a little amusing. But somehow I find it very fitting if for no other reason than I love books, evidenced by the collection I’ve insanely carted around the world with me; and trolling ebay to replace books when they went missing (a costly ordeal!) . My collection is probably the most important thing I own and is a direct, tangible line not only back to my childhood, but also why I made the decisions I did to do what I do (did?).

From my first glossy art book, books have been my personal spaceships. I can step into them and go somewhere else entirely, to let my mind wonder and be inspired, to think beyond that which is directly in front of me (that’s probably why out of everything I could, or have let go of, my collection has never even enters the discussion). MAG-100 thus has become a place where the spaceship has landed after a long journey.

Will I offer copies of MAG-100 for sale? Sure, why not. But the aim is not to sell a million and one copies. Or even one for that matter.

Nor is it to chronicle my artistic or literary skill, if I do indeed actually have any of either that’s actually worth chronicling.

MAG-100 is to simply say I did… *that*. I’ll self publish one copy, to sit amongst the books I’ve treasured for so long; my own personal addition to the collection.

It’s also my tiny, insignificant, contribution to the world of science fiction; my own attempt to imagine and articulate something bigger than myself I guess. I think that’s a worthwhile enough goal in and of itself.

And if my boys think that having a book by their dad is a worthwhile keepsake when I’ve become dust, then that’s even better.

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