05 September 2022

MAG-100 Back to the tabletop

Iagt Mag100 Game R2

It was one of those funny tangents. I was reading up on Battletech’s ‘Alpha Strike’ rules, as I get the tabletop ready for the young man’s first (ok, third after Giant Killer Robots and X-Wing) foray into some table top gaming, when I remembered I’d left the game component of MAG-100 languishing for quite a while. I lost momentum with the game after I got carried off down the torrent of story writing and struggling with the art aspect. So being a Sunday afternoon, I decided to open the work I’d done back up and see just what sort of shit-show I’d created.

And to my surprise, it was not a shit show at all.

Clearly there was room develop but the bones and mechanics were all there, fleshed out nicely into something, even in its rough form, could be played right away.

So what’s this all about then?

When I had started creating the universe of MAG-100, one story came about that made me realise that there was a whole backstory that would actually make for an interesting tabletop game, especially one with a campaign background to it. I’d played enough games over the years to know that complex games need to be designed really, really well in order not to become a bore; I’ve been a long time fan of the beautiful simplicity of Steve Jackson’s Ogre for a very long time which, funnily enough, started to become less fun the more that was added to it. So as a bit of something to do, I sat down and started designing a game that would be fast to play, simple to learn but have a whole lot of scope from a play point of view and even from an expansion/development aspect.

Then I shelved it.

Now call this serendipity but it became obvious after having looked through what I’d already done, I needed to roll the game aspect into the book that MAG-100 has become. Doing so helps tie everything together, the words, the art… the whole point of it. I’m not writing a collection of random stories with associated drawings and the like, I’m creating an expanded backstory for…. a game!

[ I’m still aiming to keep the game simple but depending how I intend on putting it out there, there’s scope for a whole lot more. For now though my aim is to start it off with a very back to basics affair – mapboard, counters…. simple 6 sided dice.]



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