28 July 2022

Escape The Algorithm : Vero


⚠️ 👉 There is choice, you just have to help make it 🔝

There’s a lot of talk about how sucky Instagram is of late. And ALL of it is justified. From plummeting engagement, endless adverts, trying to be Tictok and now forcing shit down your throat you never wanted to see in the first place; and who was subjected to the new full screen UI a month or so back? Think it’s bad now, wait until they roll out that turd on a hill.

But you don’t need to put up with this.

Who remembers the Vero rush a few years ago, the last time Instagram played silly buggers? Every man and his dog hopped over and created a Vero account, posted a few things… and then went back to Instagram. Well, if you were one of those, Vero’s still there, quietly continuing to build their platform and it’s all very impressive – think old school Instagram on steroids and its apps are on mobile AND desktop! What’s more, it’s active… well, maybe not so much in the art scene but who is to blame for that? We do have another option, it’s right there and many already have active accounts. If you want something better, then help create it, just don’t moan about it then keep putting up with the same old – Instagram’s not going to change its spots… everyone knows that, so stop hoping otherwise. The truth is the whole Facebook ecosystem is on the decline, so are we going to wait for the ship to sink before realising we need to do something about it?

Don’t stop using #instaturd but build a parallel channel that will allow you to move when you are ready or have had enough of the Facebook BS. So if you have a Vero account, account, start using it (or go make one if you don’t), and make some noise about it; that’s the only way to build your community and get off Instagram once and for all.

Really, it’s the only other viable option.


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