15 July 2022

Design Sketching: QNTM Drive ships

Calum Velum

Design sketches that more or less follow on from the previous post…

These ballpoint sketches are the sort of thing I’ll be developing in moving forward. It’s been a long time since I have sketched like this, so it’s taken a bit to get back into the swing of things.. but I’m sure the skills will resharpen up over time.

For design work, I generally do not go much beyond this level of drawing as it’s enough for me to explain what needs explaining and then go into 3D and start modelling the idea, if I’m going down that road. That said, I do love this sort of drawing and I am going to be exploring some other pen types I have stashed in the drawers. Having grown up reading manga by the likes of Manasume Shirow and Colin Wilson, I have a long standing affection for pure black and white art work, so doing work like this reconnects me with it and hopefully will give the opportunity to develop my skills further; after doing these, I have a fresh drive and direction for wanting to start some pieces for my Sub Orbital Machine 9 project, that seems to have stalled somewhat (read completely).Design Sketching: QNTM Drive ships


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