16 August 2022

3 years, 10 minutes, 3 panels.

Iagt Sketchbook

Personal projects take many forms and the biggest hurdle many face is the ability to truly focus on them; I admire anyone that takes on, and completes, a personal project; even more so if the the end result is ‘oh wow!’.

As I have been chronicling  here, my projects have been a very stuttered affair, though with the advent of this ‘sketchbook’ progress has been more steady than it has for some time. What might not be evident is that I have been at this, on and off, for some years – let’s round it off and call it three, and that there are three different projects I am working on. Which all kind of explains why progress has been slow at best.

How this has come to be is a long conversation but it more or less happened organically. As I explored different techniques and ideas of presentation that have interested me, from the more literal illustration through to more abstract and sculptural visuals, I was forming project ideas that seemed well suited to the various techniques. This naturally became a bit of an issue working on one particular project, as different styles and ideas generally do not want to meet in the middle. All of which added up to things going in ever expanding circles.

The past few weeks have offered some unusual clarity, again perhaps because of this sketchbook diary. In my head, each of the projects has always been about doing a process – to draw, to do 3D… to express concepts visually and to learn. But as I concentrated more on the destinations and what they may look like, the processes became entangled and the lines between them became increasingly blurred as the individual projects bled into one another. As a result things always ended up stalling as the focal points became lost.

The above doodle, as unexciting as it seems, is a visual clarification of the three individual projects, based on a previous page of notes (too scrappy to post!) and a whole lot of contemplation. The three panels clearly define he ideas and executions I have had over time and segregates them clearly into the three individual projects. And the most interesting aspect is that it all makes sense, right down to the tools of execution.

Funny how three years of battling became condensed into 10 minutes and three panels.


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