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2022 – that’s a wrap.

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⭕️ Oversaturated with inspiration?

Iamgerardthomas 2020 isometric diorama

⭕️ MAG-100 : 05 > Isometric Dioramas

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⭕️ MAG-100 : 03 > The PostIt Note project

Mag 100 Website2

⭕️ MAG-100 : 02 > MAG-100 is completed (well, 50%)

Argentum Camera. Aa Filter

Some progress

Moto 6

Speed Shop: Brand Flavour

Iagt Mag100 Game R2

MAG-100 Back to the tabletop

Iagt The Silent Test

The Silent – Test Image

Iagt Sketchbook

Series Form and Design Languages

Kaneda Bike

Speed Shop: Kaneda Bike Redux

Iagt Sketchbook

3 years, 10 minutes, 3 panels.

Iagt Sketchbook Ai Uncut

AI uncut

Mountain Cycle

Speed Shop: Mountain Cycle

Iagt George Killed Scifi

George Lucas killed science fiction

Iagt Sketchbook

MAG-100 : Stylistic Choices

Iagt Sketchbook Nailed It


Iagt Mag100 Book Pg1

MAG-100 : The End Goal

The Ignus Candidate

Tour Of A Universe: A homage

Iagt Sketchbook

MAG-100 : Flashback


Escape The Algorithm : Vero

Iagt Sketchbook

Problems of being an industrial designer

Iagt Brutal Sq

MAG100: Bunker : Experiments

Uno R2

Speed Shop: Ducati


MAG-100: The tyranny of reference points

Calum Velum

World Building : The Problems Thereof

Gerard Thomas Kreiger Pdriver 3

MAG-100 : KgP : Working with AI

Calum Velum

Design Sketching: QNTM Drive ships

Calum Velum

MAG100: Design coalescence

Calum Velum

Different Worlds – Sketching